How do I choose the best hair extensions?

Hair Material:

Our factory  mainly supplying three  kinds of hair material to your local market, one is the best quality Russian  Human Hair, which is cut directly from  onr donor, only  young  girl hair selected, have a soft and silky feeling, can last to 12 months with good care, mainly for the high-end market.

 Another is regular remy human hair, with also has good quality with competitive price, can last to 6 months, it’s a good choice for the middle market. 

Last one is   quality  Indian hair , have the  best price can last about 3  monthes ,it suiable  for the specific product and specific market 

 If you know these three  basic hair   quality ,  then you will find the suiable  hair quality for your  market . 


   We supply various colors including solid colors, highlight, and balayage colors.


 You can order one set of color rings from us to choose the right color exactly


 or send us your color swatch or hair sample for us to copy exactly.


We also provide basic colors to many salons or hairstylists


 which they can re-dye into other different colors according to their customers request.

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